Dual Zone Solution

 ​If your home has a larger foot print, or is multiple stories, a simple system with dual heads can achieve greater comfort throughout.

Outdoor Unit

​Connects to the indoor unit with refrigerant line and a few cables. Typically about the size of a large suitcase.

Single Zone Solution

​Perfect for conditioning a particular part of your home, such as the main living area. This is the key to energy savings and what drives the Northwest Ductless Project. 

Save 30-50% on energy with one head!

Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV)

 Designed to maintain good indoor air quality by providing sufficient levels of fresh outside air and removing harmful contaminates and particulate. Recovers waste heat from extracted air leaving the conditioned zone.​


The most well-known manufacturer of Heating and Cooling equipment for more than 30 years, consistently providing great innovative products to fit every need.

Slim Ducted

​Slim design, extremely quiet. Ideal for drop ceilings and tight spaces. 


We utilize our training to ensure we diagnose your system and get it back to work quickly. We service all makes and models of heat pumps. Including central air heat pumps.​

Floor Mounted

​Versatile unit to fill in the unique applications for home comfort. Ideal for rooms with limited vertical wall space.Type your paragraph here.

Whole Home Solution

Controlling the entire home allows for maximum energy savings and comfort in all areas, including the garage.  We can increase the indoor air quality with additional components designed for your home.​

Quality Brands!

Serving the Greater Puget Sound Area

To ensure you receive the best possible comfort solution, we will explore all of your options to find the best fit for your home.

Product Options to Fit Every Need!

System Options


 As a leader in style and efficiency, Fujitsu will have your home feeling comfortable, and looking sleek at the same time.

Ceiling Recessed

 ​Provides 4-Way airflow for even distribution, whisper quiet operation and optional fresh air intake and integral drain pump.Type your paragraph here.

**Warranties are Available and Vary per Unit.**


World leader in Heating and Cooling, as well as technological innovation, making Daikin a great choice for functionality, style and comfort for any home. Type your paragraph here.

Ceiling Suspended

Equipped with a highly efficient, multi-blade centrifugal fan that generates a powerful yet gentle airflow throughout the room. A redesigned aerodynamically tested louver structure minimizes operational sound even at high fan speed.

Wall Mounted

Air Conditioner & Heat Pump that mounts flush to the wall.
Sleek styling with whisper-quiet operation.​